Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Coming back to blogland

I have set my mind to trying this again. I was having such a hard time getting logged in I lost interest. Now it goes directly to the dashboard, go figure.

I have been keeping very busy these winter months. I am still beading away, painting birdhouses, making my back splash tiles for the kitchen...about 250 tiles, doing mosaic pots and remodeling the office and bedroom.

My August page is called Transformation. The snake symbolizes transformation. Transformation happens whether it hits you like a rock or blows by you like the wind on a blade of grass. Whether you think your on the right path or feel like you are out on a limb, it will happen.

My September page is called Dreams. I used a zipper for the wings along with some Angelina fiber. Starting to feel light at heart again after such a hard spring. The heart break doesn't go away, it just gets easier to deal with.

My October page is called Roots. I feel that knowing what anchors me keeps my sanity. Knowing the difference between your reality and your dreams, what you can change and what you have no control of.

My November page is almost done and December and January are in the works. I have this week off and hope to be caught up. I will be using size 11's instead of my favorite 15's, it will go a little faster.

Have a great day