Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Killed 2 birds with one stone

I am so thrilled right now. After I started my page I started to read about printing on fabric. I used the freezer paper method, which I have had the paper in my studio for months for other projects. I needed to raise the flower because the red beads were considerably smaller than the other colors. I noticed that Mary T. mentioned she uses felt to raise areas. Well guess accomplished my shading fear of the red poppy by printing it and raised it all in one. It is a perfect fit, so my painting was not so bad there. It re-news my excitement to bead this page!

This is the vest I attached the dragonfly to. It had only the long silver beads across the front. I stitched red beads every 5 sewing machine stitches around the whole thing, embellished the fringe on the sleeves and front.
Have a great day

Monday, June 25, 2007

Slow but sure

Boy, it has been a week! I still managed to make progress despite a very busy week at work, made four shirts for Mike and myself, boat cushions and the 100 degree weather has me running in the garden. It is by far the most bead embroidering I have ever done. I tend to bunch my beads, but in this case I will use it for I have figured it out and hope to do better on July's, which I picked up a very nice piece of brocade for....yummy. I have this week off and have many things planned. I work 7 weeks on and take the 8th week off all through the year. It keeps me caught up on projects and grounded for work. So far I am very happy with the way my page is coming, the flower will be a bugger, but I think if I take my time it will be fine.

The dragon fly is done in brick stitch and then attached to ultra suede. I put it on the back of a riding vest Mike got me. I will post a pick of the completed vest next time.

Our little froggy friend at the end of a day fishing, thought he was just too cute. He really did want his picture taken and posed quite nicely.

Have a great day