Tuesday, February 5, 2008

November page

I am almost caught up here. This page is called Progression. I painted the Peltex with fabric paints. I was inspired by Nancy Eha's new book, Bead Creative Art Quilts. Most of the circles have elevated beading using larger crystals. I even used some micro orange bugle beads.

Here is were they hang for now, in my shop. It gives me a wide audiance and perception of how other people may see my work.
Here's a peek of December.

Have a good day

Monday, February 4, 2008

New non-beady things

Nothing beady today. I have to get a picture of November done and December is in the works. I did finish making the tiles for the longest wall in the kitchen. They just need to dry good before glazing.

This was a visitor I had last week. This picture was taken through a window from my shop. He was looking for my little tweety birds. He is a short tailed hawk. I don't want him around very much, he put everyone in hiding for a few hours.
Off to take pics and play in the studio.
Have a good day.